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           Medical Malpractice is generally when people associated with the medical profession (doctors, hospitals, nursing care facilities and other health care providers) fail  to live up to the standard of care of their profession.  Their negligence can injure patients and cause emotional stress and strain on families.  Medical Professionals are not expected to be perfect, but they are expected to exercise the standard of care that similarly situated professionals would exercise under the same or similar circumstances.  When they fail to live up to these standards, physical injuries to patients and even death to patients can occur. 

                If a person makes and error and misspells a word at a Spelling Bee, everyone will know. You can see the person and hear the misspelled word.  However, when doctors, hospital and nursing staff make errors, it is sometimes not openly visible to patients and their families.  Families are generally not allowed in operating rooms and other confined places where the doctors and nurses operate.  Also, they are not able to be in nursing care facilities 24 hours a day.  This makes it easy for things to be covered up or for families to be told things that are not true. Therefore, it is necessary to have  hospital and facility records evaluated by other professionals who can give an expert opinion regarding what should or what should not have been done.  This way the medical shutters can be removed and the family and loved ones can see and know what happened.  Injured patients and their families can know whether proper standards of care were followed.

                Our law firm is dedicated to assisting injured patients and families in cases of Medical Malpractice.  Not every case qualifies as a Medical Malpractice case.  However, when we see that it is and that negligence occurred, we will do everything within our power to legally hold the professional (doctor, hospital, nursing care facility etc.) accountable. We will fight to obtain money for the patient or their family for injuries.

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